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Wyatt Page

Location: TX , USA

Date Of Injury: May 11, 2010

My son Wyatt Page (19) was at a bonfire with his friends (about 30) when one of his friend’s poured gasoline on the fire. The fire came back to the can and the young man threw the gasoline can into the fire (he reacted).

Wyatt saw this and ran to kick the can out of the fire so that his friends would not get burned if it exploded (he reacted). Wyatt’s boot went through the gasoline can and caught his legs, hands and buttocks on fire. The side of his face was also slightly burned.

Wyatt tried stop, drop and roll but it did not help. He ran screaming for help. His friends tried to help but the fire would not go out. Wyatt decided that he needed to take his clothes off…

The amazing thing about all of that was that 10 minutes before the fire, he had put on one of his daddy’s welding shirt (it was fire resistant) the doctors said that probably saved his life.

After Wyatt got the fire out he realized his buddy had also caught on fire and ran to him. He told him they had to get to the hospital asap.

The boys went to different hospitals and Wyatt’s only concern was not for himself but his buddy. As they life flighted Wyatt to Jackson burn center, a call came over the radio saying there was another young man that was being life flighted to Jackson as well, Wyatt finally knew his buddy was in good hands.

Over the next few days Wyatt was in excruciating pain and he would pass out every time he tried to stand or walk, but that was not the bad part… when he would sleep he would cry out for help… He would slap at his legs yelling “I can’t get the fire out, help me, somebody help me, I can’t get it out.” This went on for weeks.

He told me as tears rolled down his eyes ” Momma I thought I was going to die and I didnt know what to do.” He asked me, “Momma why did God do this to us?” I told Wyatt, “God knew that you and Christopher were the only ones there that were strong enough to make it through this horrible accident.” I told him, “You two boys prevented all of those other kids from being burned.”

I cried and held him all night. I felt useless because I couldn’t take the pain away and I couldn’t take away the images going through his mind.

He finally had friends visit and they all called the boys “their hero”, my son the hero…

I cried as they talked about what had happened, all of the young adults had witnessed a horrible accident and they all came together to make sure everyone was emotional and physically OK.

Christopher is almost 100% and we are so very thankful. Wyatt’s journey is far from over. He has many more trips to the burn center and a lot of physical therapy. We are so thankful that Wyatt and his buddy survived.

These two boys have amazing friends that checked in on them daily and did whatever they could to help out. Christophers family was also amazing. They would stop in and visit and lighten the mood. They even “face-timed” so the two boys could see each other and reassure Wyatt that Christopher was doing good.

Family and friends have been supportive and encouraging!!! God is so good, he gave these boys another chance at life.

Thank you all and God bless you. Please donate to Go Fund Me to help with medical expenses. You can also send cards, letters, or whatever you would like to 4921 Gulf Ave. Groves, TX 77619.

Thank you all and God bless you!!!!

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