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“Shared sorrow is half a sorrow; shared joy is a double joy” – Proverb


Burn Survivors

After a burn injury, recovery from your trauma extends beyond just your wounds. We firmly believe that sharing your story with others who can relate to your experience can soften the road the recovery. By discussing your experiences with others, you not only receive the necessary information and emotional support to get you through this time, but you provide inspiration for others as well.


Friends & Family

When a loved one has suffered from a burn injury, many family and friends experience devastation that is difficult to shoulder alone. Our Resource Community not only offers a resource to find help, but it offers a community where friends and families of burn victims can find solace through others who can truly understand and relate.


Burn Care Professionals

Medical and other burn care professionals are encouraged to share their experiences with the Burn Survivor Resource community. This can help offer encouragement as well as recommendations to burn survivors and their loved ones. If you are a burn care professional, we welcome your insights and recommendations.

If you’d like to share your burn survivor story with our community, please click here.


While the Burn Survivor Resource Community does offer advice on where victims and their families can get the
help they need, just as often what people really need is an ear to listen and a heart to understand them.


Although this website does provide essential burn-related medical information and legal counsel for victims seeking justice and compensation for their burn injuries, The Burn Survivor Resource Community is focused on creating the single largest burn survivor community in the world. We are dedicated to creating a place where victims can share their stories and find support and advice from other burn survivors, their loved ones, and burn care professionals who help victims recover from their tragic accidents. We invite you to join our community, and we hope that it provides you with the information and compassion that every burn survivor deserves.


Medical care during the first 48 hours after a burn injury occurs is the most critical. The challenge for healthcare professionals lies in getting burn patients through the initial stages of recovery, focusing on the prevention of fluid loss and preventing and controlling infection.


The Burn Survivor Resource Community will help burn victims and their family get sound legal advice regarding a victim’s entitlement to compensation for medical and family bills, as well as other services and help that can be of aid on their road to recovery.


While the physical recovery is extraordinarily difficult, the emotional recovery is equally challenging. Our community provides a a platform for survivors, their loved ones and their care-givers to share their stories and to provide one another with vital support and understanding.


Meet Us

Our seasoned team is dedicated to helping burn survivors find support and recover optimally from their injuries.


Dr. Michelle Conover

Dr. Conover has treated patients suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression resulting from skin burns, inhalation burns, and electrocution burns. She is the clinical director and owner of Southern California Neuropsychology Group, where she provides neuropsychological assessment, cognitive rehabilitation, and psychotherapy.


Bob Brenner

Mr. Brenner has dedicated his career to securing justice and compensation for burn victims with the goal of ensuring that every survivor has a chance to rebuild a new life. As a founding member of the Burn Survivor Resource community, Mr. Brenner has been immensely successful in winning cases for his clients and helping them recover from the devastation of burn injury.


Susan Douglas

Susan is the director of support for the Burn Survivor Resource Community. With a background in healthcare, Susan brings a special combination of compassion and resourcefulness to her role in speaking with burn survivors about their stories and their needs. If you call the help line, you will be speaking with Susan, who will do her best to provide you with the assistance you need.

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