Kolodziey vs. Kmart
Premises Liability – Negligent Design and Maintenance; Violation of National Electric Code. Two electricians suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to 65% and 40% of their body surfaces in an electrical explosion, which created a fireball lasting 3-4 seconds and generating a temperature of 5000 degrees Fahrenheit, causing serious injury to plaintiffs.
Verdict of $34,000,000, plus $3,700,000 in pre-trial settlements.
Affirmed in full on appeal.
Desrosiers vs. Flight International
Failure to maintain navigation equipment on aircraft, wrongful death of one crew member, fractured skull and brain damage to second crew member.
Verdict $21,400,000.00 (This is believed to be the largest Personal Injury verdict ever awarded in the San Joaquin Valley).
Case ID Confidential
A 61 year old store planner severely burned during construction of a new store settled his negligence claim against the projects general contractor and electrical subcontractor for negligent installation of a jumper wire.
Settlement 3.6 million.
Rivera vs. Lorenzo Trust
Smoke inhalation, negligent failure to properly install and maintain smoke detector in an apartment.
Settlement $1,000,000.00


Although this website does provide essential burn-related medical information and legal counsel for victims seeking justice and compensation for their burn injuries, The Burn Survivor Resource Community is focused on creating the single largest burn survivor community in the world. We are dedicated to creating a place where victims can share their stories and find support and advice from other burn survivors, their loved ones, and burn care professionals who help victims recover from their tragic accidents. We invite you to join our community, and we hope that it provides you with the information and compassion that every burn survivor deserves.


Medical care during the first 48 hours after a burn injury occurs is the most critical. The challenge for healthcare professionals lies in getting burn patients through the initial stages of recovery, focusing on the prevention of fluid loss and preventing and controlling infection.


The Burn Survivor Resource Community will help burn victims and their family get sound legal advice regarding a victim’s entitlement to compensation for medical and family bills, as well as other services and help that can be of aid on their road to recovery.


While the physical recovery is extraordinarily difficult, the emotional recovery is equally challenging. Our community provides a a platform for survivors, their loved ones and their care-givers to share their stories and to provide one another with vital support and understanding.

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Robert A. Brenner founded the Burn Survivor Resource Center in 2001.  For over 40 years Mr. Brenner has dedicated himself to helping victims and their families. Because he has witnessed the devastation caused by so many terrible burn accidents, Mr. Brenner works diligently to educate people on how to minimize the risk of becoming a victim of a catastrophic burn injury.

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