Our goal is to create a supportive and informative burn survivor community where survivors can connect with others to share their stories, emotions, advice, and support.


The Burn Survivor Resource Community is a trusted resource where like-minded individuals can find support and conversation. Every burn survivor knows the devastation that results from a burn injury. The experience is not only traumatic, but it can cause people to feel isolated, depressed, and afraid. Burn injuries can also put tremendous financial strain on survivors and their families. The Burn Survivor Resource Community was created to provide burn survivors, their families, and their friends with a supportive and knowledgeable community that also includes specialized legal support services to help burn survivors seek justice and proper compensation for their injuries. We encourage burn survivors and their families to tell their stories and to come together not only for support, but for advice and guidance from others with similar experiences. Please share your story with others who have experienced similar physical and emotional distress at BurnSurvivorSupport.org.







Victims die each year from burn injuries


People are hospitalized for burn injuries each year


Children under the age of 14 are injured each year in fires


People receive medical treatment each year for burn injuries


The Burn Survivor Resource Community is the largest online community of burn survivors. Our mission is to provide burn survivors with constant and easy access to a community of fellow survivors in order to help reduce feelings of isolation, provide inspiration, support and information. Our goal is to provide burn survivors with a place to connect with others who can provide firsthand understanding, feedback and knowledge.

We report burn survivor stories directly from news media and from survivors themselves. If you would like to share your story, please email us at Help@BurnSurvivor.com

Our seasoned team is dedicated to helping burn survivors find support and recover optimally from their injuries.



Warren Garner MD, FACS


Dr. Garner is an internationally renowned expert in the science and treatment of wounds and the scars that result from them. He is the Director of the LAC+USC Burn Center where he directs a multidisciplinary team which treats patients with burn and other traumatic skin injuries.

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Administrative Coordinator

Nancy is the Administrative Coordinator for the Burn Survivor Resource Community. Nancy is a dedicated member of our team and is deeply passionate about helping burn survivors recover from their injuries, so they can go on to live healthy and happy lives.

Robert Brenner

Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Robert A. Brenner is an active member of the American Trial Lawyers Association, the Consumer Attorneys Association of LA, the Consumer Attorneys Association of California and the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Mr. Benner was voted as one of the country’s Super Lawyers multiple times.

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Cortney Burns

Trauma Nurse

Cortney is a trauma/burn nurse in the operating room at UAB hospital in Birmingham, AL.

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Alvaro & Shawn

Burn Survivor

Alvaro Llanos and Shawn Simons, 18 year old roommates at the time, thought it was just another false fire alarm.

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Tamarah Houghton

Burn Survivor

Tamarah recognizes the struggle of being a burn survivor. At the age of 8, Tamarah’s house caught fire and left only devastation.

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Robert E. Streater

Motivational Speaker

Robert E. “Bobby” Streater, III, MA is a burn survivor, leading motivational speaker, strengthening family coach and trainer, and ordained minister. He is the owner of Team Streater Seminars and Services based in Tallahassee, Florida. Mr. Streater was the keynote speaker for the Phoenix Society World Burn Congress in October 2016. Bobby issues this challenge, “Let today be the day you give up who you’ve been for who you can become.”

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Chris Coates

Fireman – Captain

Chris is currently assigned as an administrative captain where he oversees the Training and EMS divisions.

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