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Every burn injury has lasting emotional, physical, and financial impacts unique to each individual. While the types of injuries, scars, and legal procedures may fall into general categories, no two cases are ever alike.

 At Brenner Law Firm, we know how personal your case is to you. For more than 45 years, we have been helping burn victims get the results they deserve and need so that they can go on with their lives. Driven by compassion and a relentless mission to seek justice and equitable compensation for every client, we have collectively earned our clients more than $100 million in injury settlements & verdicts.

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Have you sustained a burn injury? You may be entitled to compensation.

You are not alone. In the United States, one million burn cases are treated every year, with many victims receiving treatment at one of 125 burn centers that exist in the United States. Contact us to learn about your legal rights and to discuss justice and compensation.

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Burn Injuries

A patient’s age, health condition at the time of injury, as well as the size, depth, and location of the burn determine the severity of a burn injury. Burns are classified according to the depth of the burn.





First Degree Burns



Considered the least chronic burn injuries which can be treated at home without medical assistance.
Second Degree Burns


Involves the superficial and deep layers of the skin, requiring medical management.
Third Degree Burns


Penetrate all layers of the skin, causing huge damage to the skin.
Fourth Degree Burns


Affects all layers of the skin as well as tendons, bone, ligaments and muscles.
Heat Inhalation Generally confined to the upper airways, though can penetrate to the lungs, these injuries occur when hot air enters the nose and damages mucous membranes.
Systemic Toxins When toxins are absorbed in the body, they can affect the ability to absorb oxygen and can lead to permanent damage of the organs including the brain.
Smoke Inhalation 60-80% of fatalities related to burn injuries can be attributed to smoke inhalation. Indications of smoke inhalation injuries usually present within 2-48 hours after the burn occurred and can include  but are not limited to fainting, evidence of respiratory distress and burns around the face/neck.


Scar formation is an inevitable part of healing after a burn injury. Many factors, such as location and depth of the burn, patient’s age, and sex, and even ethnicity, determine the extent of scaring. The three major types of scars that may result from a burn injury are:

  • Keloid Scars fade over time to a dark tan color.
  • Hypertrophic Scars are red in color and raised above the level of the skin.
  • Contractures are skin that has been burned, particularly over a joint, resulting in tissue that is tight and inflexible.

Burn Treatments 

The types of treatments for burns vary and may include surgery, skin substitution, pressure garments, and medications. Your medical provider will determine which treatments are right for you.


There are two types of surgical procedures that individuals with burn injuries may require skin grafts or dermabrasion.

Skin Substitution

Another option available for patients is the use of synthetic skin substitutes.

Pressure Garments

Pressure garments are worn for 23 hours a day and between 12 to 18 months. These devices help prevent the thickening, buckling, and nodular formations seen in hypertrophic scars. When used, a soft, pliable, elastic scar develops, allowing for normal joint movement. The external pressure applied by the garments decreases the inflammatory response and the amount of blood in the scar, reducing itching and preventing collagen from synthesizing. Additionally, pressure garments protect against additional injury.


Financial Burdens of Burn Injuries 

The lasting effects of suffering a catastrophic burn extend beyond physical, emotional, psychological, and social distress. The financial burdens are extensive and impact both burn victims and their families.

Treating burn injuries takes a great deal of time and rehabilitation, all of which are incredibly costly, both financially and emotionally. Mounting medical bills and lost time from work add up to overwhelming amounts of debt, which can leave victims asking themselves, “Now what?”

Brenner Law exclusively represents victims of catastrophic injuries, including burns, assisting them with their financial recovery.

“In life, there are the mowers of the lawns, the well poisoners, and the life enhancers. Bob Brenner is the latter and I am deeply thankful for my good fortune in having him as my lawyer. We won my burn injury case because of Bob’s astute, incisive and fearless leadership. “His skills as a lawyer resulted in a multi-million dollar settlement. My recovery and now my life have been optimal because of this man, and I will always be forever grateful.”

 Rebuilding Lives

As a member of the American Trial Lawyers Association, the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, the Consumer Attorneys Association of California, and the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Robert Brenner has dedicated his career to securing justice and compensation for burn victims and their families.

If you or a loved one has experienced a burn injury, please call 844.669.7007 to set up a free consultation. The types of recovery you may be entitled to include:

Payment of Medical Bills

Compensation for Lost Income

Vocational Rehabilitation (Job Retraining)

Compensation for Pain and Suffering

Loss of Consortium

Personal injury claims have specific deadlines to initiate a claim or file a lawsuit, or a victim may lose their legal rights. Don’t let your right to recovery lapse and contact us today to discuss the facts of your injury.

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