The medical fraternity categorized the burn injuries into three broad categories namely, first degree burn, second degree burn and third degree burns. The fundamental factor behind this classification is the intensity and gravity of the injury. It means how sore, deep and painful the injury is, the more degree burn it is. Hence first degree burns are considered as the least chronic burn injuries which can be easily treated at home without any medical assistance. Let’s get started with the symptoms of first degree burn and treatments. Thereafter, learn about the legal assistance importance in burn injury cases.


What causes first degree burn?


There are several causes of first degree burn. The most common first degree burn is sunburn. Moreover, hot water and chemicals also cause first degree burn to the victim.


  • Fire
  • Sun
  • Scalding
  • Chemical


These mentioned points are the major causes of the first degree burn.






  • Redness of the skin on the injured place is the first symptom of first degree burn
  • Feeling sensitivity and pain
  • Peeling of the skin is another common symptoms of this degree of burn
  • Itching sensation
  • If you are feeling heat in the inured place


How to treat first degree burn?


  • Initially splash the cold water to the injured place and pour cold water on injured place as soon as you can. Cooling down the injured place will stop the burn effect immediately. Moreover, it lessens the burn pain. Make sure that skin is not penetrated or broken otherwise keeping the cool towel will also reduce the pain.
  • Smoothly and gently rub some ointment cream or petroleum jelly on the burnt place.
  • Make sure that if there is blisters never try to pop them. Don’t touch them and leave them as they are.
  • Instantly remove any jewellery or other objects
  • Avoid any kind of infections
  • Wrap your burnt area with light gauze loosely. It will prevent it from infections and frictions


These are very common first degree burns treatment at home.However, people can seek for physician if they don’t find any improvement in their injury within few days. Definitely, it could be infected hence seeing doctor is very helpful.


Any need of legal assistance?


  • It is very vital to know that in any kind of burn injury cases, people should also seek for the legal expert advices along with medical assistance. Especially if your injury is caused by the others’ negligence, you are entitled to have your claims.
  • Call the local legal expert and brief your burn injury case and know about what rights you have and whether your case is eligible for compensation or not.
  • Get the quote of their service charges to proceed with your case.
  • Finally, cooperate with your lawyer providing him/her relevant details in regard with burn injury cases.


The first degree burn injury is very less chronic and cause minimal damages hence people usually don’t find anything to compensate. However, in case of third and second degree burns people should seek for legal help.