14 Mar Reduce the Risk of Fires in Seniors� Homes

While everyone needs to take precautions in their home to prevent fires, it�s particularly important for those who may be more vulnerable, like seniors. Older adults have the greatest risk of being hurt or killed in a house fire. In 2014, older people aged over 65 had almost 3 times more chance of dying in a fire, while seniors aged over 85 were 4.1 times more at risk.

A number of factors contribute to seniors being more at risk. A poor sense of smell, limited mobility and a lower tolerance of smoke and burn injuries, can result in serious injuries or loss of life. Often, the sources of the fires are candles, heaters, cookers and electric blankets.

Creating a�home safety checklist is essential for seniors, their relatives and carers to evaluate a person�s house and identify where there could be possible hazards.

Post courtesy of : Jess Walter